What is an Environmental Assessment, and what is it intended to accomplish?

An Environmental Assessment (EA) is a comprehensive engineering and scientific based evaluation of problems and potential solutions in a defined study area. It is prepared to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). An EA discloses impacts to the natural and built environment and is used to inform decision-makers and the public about the likelihood of significant impacts as a result of making transportation improvements. Once the EA is complete, and has been shared with the public for formal comment at a public hearing, UDOT will issue a decision document on the proposed action.

Who is responsible for the study?

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is the steward of the environmental review process for federal projects in Utah, assigned through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). As such, UDOT is responsible for ensuring that the study is performed consistent with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). While input from the public is vital in helping shape the scope and outcome of the study, UDOT has the final approval and decision-making authority.

Has the decision to build an interchange already been made? Is the purpose of the study just to look at impacts and what do to about them?

No decisions have been made as to what improvements are needed or what could fix the existing or future problems. During the first phase of the study, the project team collected data to identify potential challenges and opportunities requiring further analysis in the Environmental Assessment. All reasonable improvement options are on the table. The study will also include an in-depth analysis of a “No-action” alternative, which will examine the consequences of not building anything. Selecting the No-action alternative may also be a viable outcome of the study. No plans to construct will be finalized until the study is complete and a decision document issued.

How will all the needed transportation improvements in the area be included in the study?

This study will account for all projects listed in Mountainland Association of Government’s (MAG) 2019-2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) as part of the No-action conditions. The No-action Alternative will also include projects listed in the Springville City Transportation Master Plan, Spanish Fork City Transportation Master Plan, and the UDOT Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan. These planned improvements will be taken into consideration when modeling traffic and analyzing alternatives.

How can I provide input?

You may contact the study team at the following: Hotline: 801-704-0899 Email: Website:

Contact the study team at 801-704-0899 or